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Phoenix Association is registered under the French Association Loi 1901 (a non-profit making organisation). It operates in the Dordogne and the surrounding departments and is run by volunteers.

We take in unwanted dogs, and at risk puppies and kittens, placing them with foster families who lovingly care for them ready for adoption. We work with maximum care and attention with a small number of animals at a time. We can also provide professional equine advice through our equine consultant. Check out our Advice section.



Rik and Sheelagh Johnson met in London in the late seventies. They both had dogs and both shared a love of animals. They moved, with their 10 year-old daughter, to France in 1990. Noticing the many stray dogs and general maltreatment of animals, they started taking them in, sterilising them out of their own pockets and re-homing them with the help of the director of Marsac (Périgueux) SPA. The director of Marsac SPA proposed that Rik and Sheelagh become the subject of a television film, part of a series run by the Fondation 30 Millions d’Amis. They filmed the couple rescuing Tex, a cruelly mutilated three-legged dog and after the filming, 30 Millions d’Amis encouraged them to set up an Association Loi 1901, so that they could officially fund them.
And so, the Phoenix Association was born in 2001.


Phoenix are a strong team and all volunteers. We still work with comparatively small numbers of animals at one time but can now offer much more. At the heart of Phoenix are our foster carers and without them Phoenix could not exist. We still hold fast to the original aims of Rik and Sheelagh when they began this incredible journey.

In addition to fostering and re-homing animals in need, we also act as an intermediary between local animal shelters and members of the public wishing to adopt from them. We aim to promote sterilisation and campaign for the systematic sterilisation of all animals offered for adoption by French shelters.


Find a dog
We always have dogs hoping to find a proper home. Please click on the picture to check their details to find your forever friend.


Find a cat
We always have cats hoping to find a proper home. Please click on the picture to check their details to find your forever friend.

equine horses

Equine and other animal News

We offer help and/or advice regarding horses or donkeys - please check our EQUINE ADVICE section. We can also offer advice on other animals, such as hedgehogs and other wildlife.


Please contact our treasurer directly, for payment by cheque or cash.

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