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AGE (approx)  8 YEARS

Neutered   Yes


AREA   Bergerac

Contact: Medeleine Bath
Phone: 05 53 28 18 92

Tammy Collie Spaniel
Tammy collie spaniel

Tammy is a Border Collie crossed with spaniel, the vet thinks.  This makes her a very small dog.  She only weighs 11kg.

She is 8 years old and came to Phoenix after her (male) owner died.  Nobody wanted Tammy and she was left in the man’s garden from which she escaped, probably looking for her owner. Because Tammy is missing her owner, she really will need a securely fenced garden.  

Tammy has been vaccinated, microchipped, treated for parasites, and passed a health check. She is very sweet, gets on with all the dogs we have met. Horses and cows do not phase her, but I have no idea how she is with cats.

She is learning to walk on a lead without crossing in front of your feet and causing you to trip.  She loves a car ride and is very good in every way, other than she is needy and begs for pats and cuddles all the time.  It was a shock losing her master and Tammy needs reassurance.  Tammy would prefer to be an only dog so she can bond with an understanding person who will become her hero(ine).

Please contact foster carer Madeleine Bath, if you think you could be Tammy’s rescuer

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