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Central to our fundraising efforts Phoenix Association are the Book Fairs, held twice a year in Bergerac. We sell second hand books in English, French and Dutch; the main categories being Fiction, Non-Fiction and Collectibles. Also for sale are CDs, DVDs and vinyl, as well as a large bric-à-brac stall and a delicious selection of sandwiches, cakes, pastries and hot and cold drinks. 


These activities are undertaken by the Book Team. We take approximately 25,000 books to each fair plus the other items we sell to raise funds. All items are donated. Processing requires a year-round sorting process at our Bergerac depot. The books are quality controlled and prepared for sale, and those that cannot be sold are properly recycled. In addition there is another team of volunteers that provides a network to collect donations from a wide area and deliver them for sorting.



Please help us  by becoming one of our volunteers in the three main areas in which you could help:


Fair Volunteers

Fairs only happen because volunteers give their time generously to set it up and man it. We need more volunteers to help us and to continue raising funds for animals in distress. We seek volunteers to help us prepare and run the book fairs: install, operate and clear away stalls, lifters and shifters, van drivers, catering staff and bakers. If you can help, please contact Sandra Hall at:


Donations Collectors


We receive donations of books over a wide area and have a network of local volunteers to receive them. They work from home, the hours they wish and are eligible for tax credits to subsidise any driving they do. This work is essential to ensure we have a supply of books for sale to raise money for animals in need. If you would like to join this group, please contact:


Book Sorters


Throughout the year there is a group of volunteers working behind to ensure the books, music media, puzzles and bric-à-brac are presentable and in a suitable condition for sale at the bi-annual Phoenix book fairs. The sorting takes place on Fridays at our depot in Bergerac. If you would like to join this group, or wish for more information, please contact Sandra Hall at:




If you wish to donate books, CDs, DVDs or records to us, this can be done in one of three ways:


  • Bring them with you to a book fair where there is an area to drop donations. Please ensure they are either boxed or in shopping bags.

  • Take them to our depot in Bergerac on one of the days we are open for sorting. Check our contact details below for timings.

  • If you cannot take your donations to either a fair or our depot, please contact the Book Donations Team via the email above. 


Your support is invaluable, but please take the time to read and understand the following:


  • The aim of the Phoenix Book Fairs is to raise money for our own activities and other animal welfare organisations by selling books that have been donated to us.


  • It takes considerable time and effort to sort the items we sell and to prepare for each Fair. Any item that is not in a saleable condition has to be disposed of as ethically as possible. This takes time and effort, which detracts from our main objective. We have developed the following guidelines in an effort to minimise the amount of donated books that have to be discarded:

  • Please assess your books and ask the basic question: would you buy them?

  • Any book that has the following faults will be discarded as unsaleable:

    • Torn covers or missing/damaged pages

    • Misshapen

    • Ingrained dust, brown spots/patches or discolouration on the outside or edges

    • Have patches of mould or a musty smell


You can help us reduce costs by inspecting your donations before giving them to us. Please also ensure the books are packed in boxes or shopping bags when passing them to us. Packing them in bin bags causes irreparable damage. 


If you have books that do not meet our criteria, you can recycle them free of charge at the T.R.I. (note, not the déchetterie) in Bergerac. It is situated in the Route d’Agen, north of the rocade, close to Jardiland and is open Mon - Thu: 9H - 12H, 13h - 17h (9h - 12h Fri). 



The Depot is at 43 Rue Rodolph Bruzac, 24100 Bergerac. General enquiries should be sent to


If you wish to donate books, and wish to know how best this can be done, please contact our donations coordinator at

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