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Please donate to Phoenix!

Phoenix helps hundreds of animals every year. With help from supporters like you, we can continue to be here for them and to give them the love and care they deserve. A  monthly or one off donation will help provide rescue, shelter, medical treatment and food for them, thank you!

Phoenix does not receive any state funding; therefore, we rely upon your generosity. Your donations will allow us to continue to care for and re-home animals in need that are placed within our network of Foster Homes.

Every member of the Phoenix Team is a volunteer, we ask for nothing for ourselves, but we do ask for financial help in saving the animals.

We also have a commitment to help finance a wide variety of Sanctuary Animals, these include un-homeable dogs, equines and others. Our vet bills alone in 2022 were over €60k, which equates to 50% of our expenditure.

Please support us by either:
Become a member
Regular donations
One-off donations
Legacy donations

Remember that donations may be


eligible for tax relief in France of 66% of


the donation!


Talk to our treasurer for further details
Treasurer:     Chris Green

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Please contact our treasurer, Chris, directly, for payment by cheque or cash, or for a copy of our RIB


Please ​volunteer!

Please join our dedicated team who pledge to:



Membership – an annual membership (1st Jan-31 Dec) costs 25 Euros. You are, of course, free to give more if you wish! Please complete the MEMBERSHIP FORM and indicate if you wish to make an additional donation.


Think you might like to foster?

Here are a few of your questions answered.


  • For dogs, ideally to live within one and a half hours of Bergerac or Périgueux.

  • A fully-fenced, secure garden (for dogs)

  • To be around most of the time. Obviously there will be holidays and emergencies, but the principle is that you look after the animal until it is re-homed. This could take a week, or several months. A year is rare, but it can happen.

  • To be willing to take the animal to one of the Phoenix vets for sterilisation, vaccination etc. (all costs are covered by Phoenix)

  • To be able to assess not only the animal, but also potential adopters. The adoption is likely to take place at your home, so you will have to welcome people, fill in forms and quote the proposed adoption contribution (we give you guidelines), which you return to us with the re-homing form by mail.

  • Be prepared to take your ‘fosterling’ back if the adoption doesn’t work out.

  • To have plenty of love, understanding and infinite patience in your dealings with both animals AND people!


  • Your expenses paid. We provide you with claims forms, to be returned monthly, and you can claim for animal-related food, travel, pharmacy, care items, phone, heating and damage to property or possessions. Vet bills are paid directly to the veterinary practice by Phoenix.

  • Your fencing repaired/renewed, if necessary. Funding can sometimes be found for the construction of pens and runs for cats, or the conversion of existing outbuildings.

  • The satisfaction of saving lives. But be prepared! – it’s hard when your foster friend leaves for their new life, especially if they have been with you for months. You’ll need a stiff upper-lip!


If you are unable to foster or take on a new friend, please consider donating a monthly amount, however small, to help with the needs of a particular animal. Please contact our Treasurer at


Contact our president Tiffany Stacpoole

Tel : +33 6 02 36 42 66

Email :


Our biggest fundraising group is the Phoenix book fair team. Every year these amazing people put together two big book fairs to raise money for Phoenix. The funds raised go a long way to pay for animals in Phoenix care

Contact: Geoff Hall


From time to time supporters raise money for us in a variety of ways and we are extremely grateful for their efforts. Contributions, no matter the amount, help enormously to change the life of one or more neglected animals. We would like to encourage our supporters to hold their own events in order to raise funds for Phoenix. We will help to publicise these by sharing details of events on our website and Facebook page.

Perhaps you would like to help, but not sure how?

Here are some suggestions of events that you could organise:

  • Coffee Morning

  • Cake Sale

  • Plant Fair

  • Book Sale

  • Quiz Evening

  • Talent Competition

  • ‘Come Dine With Me’ Night

  • Fancy Dress Party

  • Sponsored run/cycle/walk/swim

  • Sponsored weight loss

  • Auction Night

  • Golf/Tennis Competition

  • Bingo/Karaoke/Film Night

  • Dinner Party

  • Teach a skill to others for a donation

  • Bring & Buy Sale

  • Or you could join the Phoenix Book Fair Team. Contact Geoff Hall (see above) for more information.

If you are passionate about the welfare of animals, we’d love you to join us. Working together, we can make a difference.

Contact Kristina for details:

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