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One of the most common neglect issues reported to the Equine helpline by members of the public is overgrown hooves.


The Equine helpline first contacts the Maire of the commune where the horses are kept - as the Maire is responsible under the Code Rural for the welfare of all animals in their commune. Often they are able to put us in touch with the owner of the equine and, together with the Maire, we are able to bring about the required outcome - trimmed feet!  

If this approach doesn't work, we involve the DDETSPP - SPA (which used to be the departmental veterinary services). They either approach the owner or get the gendarmes on the case - usually to great effect !


Some examples of horses successfully re-homed by the Phoenix Adoption team


“Little and Large” (actually Bredo and Caramel) were from different locations - but now live very happily together




These two arabs were re-homed from entirely inappropriate living conditions and transported to their ‘horse paradise’


If anyone out there feels they can offer refuge - temporary or permanent - to neglected equines, please do not hesitate to contact us

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