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We're Adopted!

Phoenix Association foster, sterilize and find homes for many animals, throughout the Dordogne and beyond, every year.  Here is just a selection of recent stories of fortunate 'Phoenix' animals who have now found their 'forever homes'.

Click on the LINK to access our full archive of adopted animals and news items


BREED   Grand griffon vendéen
SEX   Males
DOB: 14th August 2023
AREA: Roufignac St Cernin



These two youngsters have been in foster care since birth, so are very well-behaved and gentle.
They can be rehomed together or alone, and are happy with dogs, cats, chickens and love people.   They are used to regular walks and, like most hunting dogs, they need a securely fenced-in area so that they can remain active - these two are no couch potatoes!
Typical grand griffon vendéen's, they have a quiet, docile demeanor so will make excellent companions and house dogs. ​Wormed and in good health, Tequila is the smaller of the two (15 kg), whereas Mushroom is 18kg.


BREED   West Highland White Terrier (Westie)
DOB:      1 March 2016
AREA:    Lalinde
CONTACT:   Sue Rees   06 79 46 09 60


Toby is a typical terrier with all the characteristics associated with this breed.  He won't be able to live with either cats or chickens.

He is a pocket rocket who adores his walks, the more he has the happier he is and would probably love doing agility.
It is essential that he has a totally secure garden or he will escape.

He is super affectionate, very loyal and always ready for a cuddle and he loves to go everywhere with you. He travels well in the car and is totally clean in the house.


BREED   Labrador cross
DOB:   Jan 2016  
AREA:   Les Eyzies
CONTACT:  Tiffany Stacpoole

TEL: 06 02 36 42 66  


Beautiful Ella came to Phoenix after her owner died and she was left chained day and night at an empty property. 

Ella is a gorgeous Labrador/Pointer cross aged 10 yrs. She is chipped, vaccinated and, we assume, sterilised although it's not been possible to confirm that yet.

Ella is a faultless dog. She is fit, active, calm, sociable, well mannered, clean in the house, good in the car, good with other dogs and hasn't looked at the cats. If you are looking for a problem free dog to adopt, she's your girl! Despite her age, she is agile and will jump a fence, but she is surrounded by other dogs here she hasn't so much as glanced over the fence. A home with other dogs would be preferred but she is also used to living alone. She has clearly been beautifully cared for and much loved. 

HERONE (pensioner)

Herone is an exceptionally gentle dog.  He loves walks followed by a nap on the sofa and adores his cuddles.  He is used to living in a house and is well-behaved.  He is very helpful, clearing up any leftover food that might be loitering in the kitchen though!!  He is used to the noises of town life. He would prefer not to be left on his own for long periods of time.  As he gets on with other dogs who are prepared to respect his space, another dog in the home may help with this and he is fine with cats.

Happy news - herone has now found his family and is enjoying his new life with them. Well done Herone!




This majestic gentleman is very much like the cat in the famous book: A Street Cat Called Bob. Like his namesake, he didn't have a good start in life but has now fallen on his feet and was adopted in October 2023.

Bob was one of several kittens born to an abandoned mum. All were rescued and fostered by Phoenix Association - France's volunteers and since adopted.
Bob's now a very much loved member of the family alongside many other previously rescued Phoenix animals within the household. He is always full of beans and very entertaining - a real character!


CJ Ramone 

CJ 1
CJ 2

CJ Ramone doesn't quite live up to his rockstar name, with his clumpsy paws, slobbery kisses and stinky farts! 

He was rescued with his 7 brothers and sisters (nicknamed - the Pirate Crew!).  All found homes in October 2023.  And CJ is now even learning Dutch with his new family!

Very much part of his new family, CJ is learning fast at puppy obedience classes (although he can be a little naughty at home; liking to think that all things are toys despite a wide selection of his own).  But then, he's still a young chap despite being a big boy!  


Porthos is a very fit and active pointer, who came to Phoenix after having spent many years caged up with another dog surrounded by feral cats and farm detritus. He was rescued, with other dogs and a donkey, after being spotted by Eli and her walking friends. He was taken in by Kevin King, and with much assistance from his first dog Tommy (also a rescue, from Auberge 4 Pattes) learnt how to be part of a proper family.

He has come on leaps and bounds in the last year and he and Tommy are great friends so it was natural that he got to stay. He has a wonderful calm, slightly shy character, loves chasing ducks and other birds (what pointer doesn't), loves his daily walks, is good on a lead and harness and rides in the car to the forest and woods



Tammy is a Border Collie crossed with spaniel.  She is quite a small dog and only weighs 11kg.

She came to Phoenix after her (male) owner died.  Nobody wanted Tammy and she was left in the man’s garden from which she escaped, probably looking for her owner.

Tammy is very sweet, gets on with all the dogs we have met. Horses and cows do not phase her, but I have no idea how she is with cats.

She is learning to walk on a lead without crossing in front of your feet and causing you to trip.  She loves a car ride and is very good in every way, other than she is needy and begs for pats and cuddles all the time.  It was a shock losing her master and Tammy needs reassurance.  Thankfully she has now found her proper home

P1210496 cropped.JPG


This troublesome fella was found in a hedge far from any buildings at around 5 weeks.

With a very dominant, squeaky meow and, a personality to match, he was named after an equally irritating British comedian (Keith Lemon)!

Adopted in November 2023, Keith is no wallflower and has shaken up what was otherwise a calm home to two mature felines.  But the ladies have learned to put up with his crazy antics and he give such love and entertainment to his human family that they can't imagine life without him. 

Keith 2


Jewel was found living in a barn with four of her kittens in August 2023.  A quiet, yet confident lady, this friendly beauty could have lived as a house cat but being highly independent we managed to find the most ideal situation - living in a chateau's barn with prize-winning, rare donkeys!

The barn is a busy place with lots of people to pet Jewel.  So she now gets all the attention she needs but can roam the land, which is what she loves best. 

Jewel was rehomed in November 2023 along with three of her four kittens to other homes. Her fourth kitten, Opal, is still awaiting her forever home unfortunately. 

Jewel 2

Simon & Sophia

Simon 1

Simon and Sophia were rescued together after living in a barn.  First thought to be brother and sister, they were later identified as being 2 months apart and yet they are inseparable!

Extremely affectionate and cuddly, they have now found the most perfect home with a recently widowed lady, who has also adopted a third kitten from Phoenix (Mango) so she's now got her hands full!

A calm pair, they were carefully matched to their adopter in November 2023, as per our rehoming process, and are now very settled with their new brother. 

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