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Other animals for adoption

Here are five lovely donkeys, all originally rescues, who urgently need to find a new home since the owners wife passed away. Gavin is looking for a forever home, preferably local, for these much loved donkeys


If possible the two older donkeys, Clem and Bluebell,  should stay together, as they have been together most of their life up to now. Also, Sandrinette and her two foals Beth and Rosa should also stay together if at all possible. 

Phoenix ( would be happy to help with any queries, but is not the registered owner of these donkeys so anyone who is interested should contact Gavin Keys (as below).


Gavin Keys, 335 impasse du Vigereau, 24320 Saint Paul Lizonne.

+44 7977013893 (also on WhatsApp)

Sandrinette (Lotty)



Bluebell (Lola)

Princess Joy (Clem)

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